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The real One Game a Month Site. 1GAM

One Game A Month
Frequently Asked Questions
Who can join

For the moment this chapter is only for students and graduates of the Games Development course run at ITCarlow. Anyone can join the real one game a month

What are the rules

Our rules are the same as those for the #GAM site with a few additions 1GAM rules page

Each time you relese a game you will also need to create and upload a 30 second youTube video of game play to our YouTube page and create a poster/box jacket for your game.

Each month we will play and review the game released my the members that month and pick one to be awarded a special mouse mat.
Cool mouse mat

Monthly meetings

Although you are encouraged to attend our monthly meeting (starting in September, possibly June) you don't have to to win.

Sign up

Joining is easy, just get a twitter account (if you don't already have one), then sign up to the real one game a month and fill out our signup sheet @ .